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Garmin unveiled the Edge 1050 – Its smartest and brightest cycling computer

Quite a lot details about the cycling computer Edge 1050 from Garmin were known in advance, though the release date remained unknown. Garmin has now cleared up this uncertainty and presented the Edge 1050 to the public. Here you can find all the information.

Almost exactly two years after the introduction of the Garmin Edge 1040 / Edge 1040 Solar, Garmin has launched a new version of its high-end bike computer Edge. The Edge 1050 is raising the bar for the best bike computer even higher.

New and Noteworthy in the Edge 1050

New features, a new form, and a brilliant display – these are the key changes in the Edge 1050. Let’s take a closer look at the new model:

  • High-Resolution Display

    The highlight of the Edge 1050 is the new high-res LCD display. Instead of the Edge 1040’s transflective display with a resolution of 282 x 470 pixels, the Edge 1050’s touch-enabled display has a significantly higher resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Consequently, the pixel density increases from 156 to 266 PPI. However, the display size remains unchanged at 3.5″.

    Garmin Edge 1050Garmin Edge 1040 SolarGarmin Edge 1040
    Multi-GNSS / Multi-GPS20 h35 h45 h
    Energy Saver60 h70 h100 h

    The increased power demand of the display results in shorter battery life. Using Multiband-GPS / Multi-GNSS, the battery lasts up to 20 hours. In energy-saving mode, it’s still 60 hours. Compared to the Edge 1040, these are significantly lower values.

    A version with solar technology does not seem to be in Garmin’s plans (yet).

  • Garmin Pay

    Contactless payment, which Garmin has been offering on its sports watches for some time, is now available on bike computers with the Edge 1050. Although direct support from banks depends on the country you are living in, there are now a few major banks supporting Garmin Pay. If your bank is not directly supported, you can use Garmin Pay through Curve’s virtual Mastercard.

  • Integrated Speaker

    Also new is the integrated speaker, which can do more than just beep. It can be used for training and navigation instructions. Thanks to the speaker, the Edge 1050 can additionally be used as a digital bike bell thanks to the speaker.

  • 64 GB Storage

    With 64 GB, the internal storage is twice as large compared to the Edge 1040 (32 GB), offering even more space to store maps, routes, and activity data.

  • New Design Language

    In addition to the hardware changes, the design language of the Edge 1050 has also changed. The new model is more angular and doesn’t round off as much at the top and bottom. Operation continues to be through the familiar 3-button design and the touch-enabled display.

On the software side, the Edge 1050 offers the following improvements:

  • Enhanced GroupRide Features

    Those who like to ride in groups will appreciate the new GroupRide features. These make organizing group rides easier by, for example, sharing the route with all participants in advance. The messaging function allows you to stay in contact with other riders or inform them if an accident occurs.

    After the tour, you can compare performance with other participants. Leaderboards and awards are proven methods to keep motivation high.

  • Hazard Alerts

    A community-driven feature is hazard alerts. Hazards identified during sports activities can be reported, informing other cyclists. At the same time, the route planner provides advance warnings about reported obstacles.

The success of the GroupRide and hazard alert features depends on the number of participating athletes. For this reason, both features will soon be added to the Edge 540, Edge 840, and Edge 1040 models.

Prices and Availability

Garmin is offering the Edge 1050 for a price of $699.99. This includes the bike computer, the power mount and standard mount, a tether, and the USB charging cable. For $799.99, Garmin also includes an HRM-Dual heart rate chest strap as well as a cadence and a speed sensor.


  • The article has been updated to reflect the official release of the Edge 1050.
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