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Smartwatches and sports watches with offline Spotify support

With more than 80 millions paying customers, Spotify is one of the largest and probably most successful music streaming plattforms. No question that you can use Spotify on your smartphone, but can you use it on your beloved wearable or sports watch? Let’s find out.

What do you need for using Spotify?

To use Spotify you must be logged on, either using a free account or a premium account ($9.99 / month or $4.99 / month for students).

  • Free Spotify membership

    If you have a free spotify account – no matter what your smartwatch or sports watch is capable of – the device on your wrist won’t be more than a remote to control the Spotify app running on a paired smartphone. This can be useful if you want to change tracks and volume while your smartphone remains in your pockets.

  • Premium Spotify membership

    Having a premium membership allows for downloading playlists to your smartwatch or sports watch and listening to them even without an internet connection, e.g. while you are on a run. Spotify offers pretty much the same functions as downloading offline playlists to your smartphone.

This doesn’t account for Spotify only. There are devices that support Amazon Music – but only if you’re a fully paying customer.

What sports watches support Spotify?

I tried to figure out what sports watches support Spotify, i.e. either as a remote control to the Spotify app or as a playback device of downloaded offline playlists:

Spotify on Amazfit devices

Balance2.3 GB
Cheetah2.3 GB
Cheetah Pro2.3 GB
GTR 3 Pro
GTR 42.3 GB
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Spotify on Fitbit devices

Charge 4
Ionic2.0 GB
Sense4.0 GB
Versa 22.5 GB
Versa 34.0 GB
All links are affiliate links

Spotify on Garmin devices

Enduro 232.0 GB
Epix 216.0 GB
Epix 2 Sapphire32.0 GB
fenix 5 Plus4.0 GB
fenix 6 Pro32.0 GB
fenix 716.0 GB
fenix 7 Sapphire Solar32.0 GB
fenix 7 Solar16.0 GB
fenix 7S16.0 GB
fenix 7S Sapphire Solar32.0 GB
fenix 7S Solar16.0 GB
fenix 7X Sapphire Solar32.0 GB
fenix 7X Solar16.0 GB
Forerunner 245 Music4.0 GB
Forerunner 255 Music4.0 GB
Forerunner 2658.0 GB
Forerunner 265S8.0 GB
Forerunner 645 Music4.0 GB
Forerunner 7454.0 GB
Forerunner 9458.0 GB
Forerunner 945 LTE
Forerunner 95532.0 GB
Forerunner 955 Solar32.0 GB
Forerunner 96532.0 GB
Venu4.0 GB
Venu 2
Venu 2 Plus
Venu 2S
Venu 38.0 GB
Venu Sq 2
Venu Sq 2 Music4.0 GB
Venu Sq Music
vivoactive 3 Music4.0 GB
vivoactive 44.0 GB
vivoactive 54.0 GB
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Spotify on Google devices

Pixel Watch32.0 GB
Pixel Watch 232.0 GB
Pixel Watch 2 LTE32.0 GB
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Spotify on Polar devices

Grit X Pro
Grit X Pro Titan
Grit X2 Pro32.0 GB
Grit X2 Pro Titan32.0 GB
Ignite 2
Ignite 3
Pacer Pro
Vantage M2
Vantage V2
Vantage V3
All links are affiliate links

Spotify on Samsung devices

Galaxy Watch4.0 GB
Galaxy Watch Active2 (44 mm)
Gear Fit 24.0 GB
Gear S34.0 GB
Gear Sport4.0 GB
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(I am quite sure that I forget some – just give me a hint in the comments and I will add them.)

You can find several other, way cheaper products that allow for storing and listening to MP3 files. In case you would like to use streaming services the offline way you need one of the more expensive products. Given the large number of smartwatches and sports watches, the number of devices with Spotify support is pretty small.

Which product is recommended?

Since there aren’t many products that support for Spotify offline playlists, two groups of devices can be distinguished. First, there are Garmin’s watches, which I recommend to anyone who seriously deals with sports and performance tracking.

If your purse is filled to the rim, go for the Fenix 7 or the Epix 2. Both sport outstanding features and build quality. The Forerunner 955 resembles the Fenix 7 as they share the same set of functions, but the Forerunner 955 is more leightweight as it’s made of plastic.

Garmin fenix 7
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The Forerunner 245 Music is way cheaper and although the Forerunner 255 has been released recently, the FR245 is still one of the best sports watches for runners around.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
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Although all three watches are primarily sports watches, they are wonderful companions in everyday life.

Those who consider Garmin’s products too expensive might find a great alternative in the Mighty Vibe (Review). The small music player can store offline playlists from Spotify and Amazon Music and play them via Bluetooth. For about 99 €, the Mighty Vibe is of course much more attractive than an expensive sports watch – especially if you already own a sports watch.

Samsung’s smartwatches are also thoroughly recommendable – except for the Gear S2 and Gear Fit 2 which are already outdated. However, they cannot compete with the sporty set of features of Garmin’s products and the outstanding Garmin Connect platform.

In other words, you first have to be clear about your need and expectations towards the watch. Spotify is the icing on the cake. If you prefer to get your music via Amazon’s streaming service, I’ll add sports watches and fitness trackers with Amazon Music soon.

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