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Garmin Edge 540 – All you need to know

In addition to sports watches, Garmin is known for its Edge series of cycling computers. Two new models in the mid-price segment, the Edge 540 and the Edge 840, will soon be released, after the premium model Edge 1030 was launched last year.

With the arrival of spring, cycling enthusiasts are gearing up for the start of the cycling season. What better time to introduce the new Edge 540 / 540 Solar models to dedicated cyclists? These new models are sure to pique the interest of avid cyclists. has already listed the Edge 540 on their online shop, revealing details of the product before its official launch.

Note: The visual representations of the devices have been derived from product images and size specifications, based on available information. However, please be advised that the images provided may not be in CAD-accurate format.

Garmin Edge 540 with and without solar charging technology

Compared to the previous generation, the Edge 540 is now available in two versions: a standard version and a solar version. The solar model features a small solar surface around the display that charges the battery using incident sunlight, resulting in an extended total runtime.

In terms of battery life, the Edge 540 outperforms its predecessor, the Edge 530, as its battery can last up to 26 hours, representing a 30% increase in runtime.

The Edge 540 Solar boasts an even longer battery life. With optimal exposure to sunlight, the battery can last up to 32 hours, making it an attractive option for cyclists who frequently go on long rides.

Standard useEdge 530Edge 540Edge 540 SolarEdge 840Edge 840 Solar
Edge 53020 hours
Edge 540+ 30 %26 hours
Edge 540 Solar+ 60 %+ 23 %32 hours
Edge 840+ 30 %± 0 %- 19 %26 hours
Edge 840 Solar+ 60 %+ 23 %± 0 %+ 23 %32 hours

Both models offer an energy-saving mode that sacrifices a bit of accuracy but significantly extends the battery life. In this mode, the standard model can run for up to 42 hours, while the solar model can run for an impressive 60 hours on a single charge.

Energy Saving ModeEdge 530Edge 540Edge 540 SolarEdge 840Edge 840 Solar
Edge 53048 hours
Edge 540- 12,5 %42 hours
Edge 540 Solar+ 25 %+ 43 %60 hours
Edge 840- 12,5 %± 0 %- 30 %42 hours
Edge 840 Solar+ 25 %+ 43 %± 0 %+ 43 %60 hours

Compared to the predecessor, the battery life in energy-saving mode is relatively shorter for both models.

Features of the Garmin 540 / 540 Solar

Aside from the improved battery performance, the Garmin Edge 540 also boasts several new features:

  • Multi-Band GNSS
  • Daily suggested workouts
  • ClimbPro
  • Cycling abilities and course demands
  • Power Guide
  • Stamina
  • Sync training plans
  • Cycling maps

Comparison with Edge 530, Edge 840 and Edge 1040

With the Edge 840 and the Edge 1040, Garmin offers a range of GPS cycling computers of the same generation. The Edge 840 differs from the Edge 540 only in its touchscreen feature. However, the Edge 1040 boasts a host of additional improvements, including a redesigned interface, an expanded range of functions, and longer battery life.

Edge 530Edge 540 (Solar)Edge 840 (Solar)Edge 1040
Display size2.6"2.6"2.6"3.5"
Resolution246 x 322 Pixel246 x 322 Pixel246 x 322 Pixel282 x 470 Pixel
Dimensions50.0 x 82.0 x 20.0 mm57.8 x 85.1 x 19.6 mm57.8 x 85.1 x 19.6mm59.3 x 117.6 x 20.0 mm
Weight75.8 g80 g (85 g)80 g (85 g)126 g
Storage16 GByte16 GByte32 GByte32 GByte

Compared to its predecessor, the Garmin Edge 540 is slightly taller and wider, while maintaining a depth of around 20mm. This increase in size is likely due to the addition of a solar panel, as the solar and non-solar models share the same dimensions. Despite its larger appearance, the display size of 2.6 inches is expected to remain unchanged.

In terms of usability, the Edge 540 features five prominent buttons, which should make it easier to use. Compared to the Edge 840 the Edge 540 does not sport a touch screen.

Prices and availability

According to the online retailer, the Edge 540 standard version is priced at $349.99, while the solar model costs $449.99. These prices align with Garmin’s current pricing scheme, which typically charges a $100 premium for the solar version of its sports watches and bike computers. In Germany, the Edge 540 is expected to retail for €399.99 for the standard version and €499.99 for the solar model.

List Price
Edge 540$349.99
Edge 540 Solar$449.99
Edge 840$449.99
Edge 840 Solar$549.99
Edge 1040$599.99
Edge 1040 Solar$749.99

It is possible that Garmin will announce the official release of the Edge 540 in April, considering that FCC listings have already been published and some online retailers are already listing the product. However, it is always best to wait for an official announcement from Garmin before making any assumptions.

Garmin Edge 530
274,60 €
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