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Garmin Edge 1030 Plus – Prime bike computer with inReach support

Garmin just released the Edge 1030 Plus – a revised version of the company’s prime bike computer. Some rumors and leaks have been around for quite a while – now uncertainty becomes facts. Let’s check what the new Edge 1030 Plus is all about…

In addition to FCC applications it has been Garmin itself that accidentally published the product on their website weeks ago. Shortly after the product page has been taken offline again. Today Garmin officially announced the Edge 1030 Plus together with the Edge 130 Plus.

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (Source: Garmin)

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (Source: Garmin)

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus – Specs

Edge 1030 PlusEdge 1030
Dimensions58 x 114 x 19 mm58 x 114 x 19 mm
Display Size3.5" (88.9 mm)3.5" (88.9 mm)
Resolution282 x 470 pixels282 x 470 pixels
Weight124 g123 g
Internal Memory32 GByte16 GByte
Battery Lifeup to 24 hoursup to 20 hours

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus – new and noteworthy

The Edge 1030 Plus is a revised version of the current flagship model Edge 1030. Compared side by side you won’t find many differences except for the color, which is black in black. The Edge 1030 Plus is a gram more in weight but that shouldn’t matter anyone. Both devices look like identical twins.

With no obvious changes, the transflective color display remains the same. The 3.5″ touch screen depicts information running at 282 x 470 pixels resolution.

If you compare the Standard and Plus products improvements and new functions usually are of manageable amount. This applies to the Edge 1030 Plus as well. The Edge 1030 Plus is a revised model with slightly improved hardware and a couple of new functions.

It is having all features that the Edge 1030 has to offer. In addition there are some features that have already been seen on the Edge 830 and Edge 530 Plus but weren’t added to the Edge 1030 by firmware updates.

Garmin Edge 1030 PlusGarmin Edge 1030
Daily workout suggestions+-
TrailForks data+-
Bike alert+-
MTB dynamics++ (Firmware v8.0 or greater)

Here are some of the new features to be found on the Edge 1030 Plus:

  • Daily workout suggestions

    With daily workout suggestions you get recommendations for training rides that are based on your training load of the passed seven days and your VO2max.

  • Forksight mode

    What has been available to the Edge 830 and Edge 530 is now available on the Edge 1030 Plus – the integration of TrailForks data directly into cycling maps. This allows for using the forksight mode when using the TrailForks app. It will show upcoming forks in the trail and your position within a trail network.

  • Pause route guidance

    You can pause guidance and it will disable the warnings that you left the route. If you enable guidance again, the Edge 1030 Plus will calculates a way back to your original route.

  • Faster processing

    Garmin states that the new version will deliver increases performance, allowing for considerably faster route calculations. Calculations shall be twice as fast compared to previous models.

Additionally the Edge 1030 Plus features everything ambitioned cyclists are longing for:

Routes and guidance

The bike computer offers various functions that refer to route planning and guidance. While other companies use their cycling maps only, Garmin incorporates data from TrailForks which can be used with the pre-installed TrailForks app.

  • Garmin cycle maps

    The Edge 1030 Plus is equipped with routable cycling-specific route maps, providing more comprehensive data than ever before.

  • Trailforks app

    The pre-installed Trailforks app allows for importing routes directly from TrailForks – an internet platform for creating and sharing routes off the beaten tracks. In order to find the best routes matching your skills TrailForks offer ratings concerning the quality and difficulty.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation

    Turn-by-turn navigation will guide you through unknown terrain.


Those of you that use their bike for sport activities rather than to get from A to B, the Edge 1030 offers numerous functions that refer to the sportive aspects of biking:

  • Dynamic Performance Monitoring
  • Training Status
  • Training plans via Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks or TrainerRoad
  • Heat and altitude acclimation
  • ClimbPro
  • Nutrition and hydration alerts
  • Cycling dynamics
  • MTB dynamics
  • Grit and flow

Road safety

Concerning safety functions, the support for inReach is the biggest news. You need a subscription which starts at $11.95/mo, but it allows for using the Iridium communication satellites, which in turn allow for sending and receiving messages, as well as triggering SOS calls. Those are coordinated by a 24/7 run communications center. In addition, the Edge 1030 Plus features:

  • Varia support
  • InReach support
  • Incident Detection
  • Bike alert
  • Messages to group members
  • Tracing of group members
  • Live tracking

Battery life up to 24 hours

The Edge 1030 Plus’ battery lasts up to 24 hours. This is an increase of 20% compared to the 20 hours battery life of the Edge 1030. Two facts indicate that the Edge 1030 Plus is working more efficient than its predecessor:

  • The weight of both devices is about the same. Thus it is unlikely that Garmin has increased the battery.
  • The Charge Pack – which is the same for the standard and plus model – will extend the battery life by another 24 hours.

Price and availability

The Edge 1030 Plus is $599.99 for the device only. Additionally Garmin sells the Edge 1030 Plus as part of a bundle, comprising HRM-dual, a cadence sensor, and a speed sensor. The bundle’s price is $699.99.

As expected, Garmin released the Edge 1030 Plus late June / beginning of July. You can order it from Garmin’s website. The processing time is 1-3 days.


  • 11/06/2020: Showing product without being officially released doesn’t happen to Garmin only. Usually online retailers are the first to list new products in their online shops. So did a couple of shops during the last days.
    Garmin Edge 1030 Plus - Listed on a retailer's online shop

    Garmin Edge 1030 Plus – Listed on a retailer’s online shop (

  • 14/06/2020: More product listings have surfaced during the last days. These shops already show or did show the Edge 1030 Plus:
  • 16/06/2020: Updated release date and prices
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  1. usr Reply

    Translation: the next generation of Edges will be released in parallel across form factors just like Garmin already did with the 530/830. The 1030 Plus fills the gap until the next generation (“*40”) arrives, bringing the younger processor and GPS chip of the 830/830 to the 10×0 form factor. The parallel maintenance of multiple almost but not quite identical devices was a completely unnecessary burden for Garmin and the constant fretting about which features would or would not trickle across form factors was an unnecessary distraction for would-be buyers.

    The only other change is the loss of microSD. I’ll miss that layer of hackability and futureproofability, but considering that my 1000 is still content with merely a 16 GB microSD I guess I’ll be fine with the built-in 32.

    In any case, unreliable storage card contacts have been a major source of Garmin issues in the past (soooo many “help my Garmin is broken” that could be fixed by booting without microSD) so it’s very understandable that they want to eradicate that. It will instantly improve the perceived reliability of their devices.

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