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Garmin Epix 2 – Premium sports watch with AMOLED display

The Garmin Epix 2 (or Epix Gen 2) is another outdoor sports watch launched today. The Epix originally was introduced in 2015 and was one of the first sports watches to feature integrated maps. The Epix 2’s most defining feature is the crisp and colorful AMOLED display, while the remaining features resemble those of the Fenix 7.

Back in 2015, Garmin launched the first Epix – an outdoor sports watch with a rectangular 1.4″ touch display. It was Garmin’s first wearable that was capable of displaying maps, which could be panned around with your fingertips. Additionally to the preloaded maps, its storage of 8 GB allowed for uploading supplementary maps.

Garmin Epix 2 – Specifications

Garmin Epix 2 / Sapphire TiGarmin Fenix 7Garmin Fenix 7X
Display1.3" AMOLED1.3" transflective MIP1.4" transflective MIP
Resolution454 x 454260 x 260280 x 280
Pixel Density350 PPI200 PPI200 PPI
Dimensions47 x 47 x 14.5 mm47 x 47 x 14.5 mm51 x 51 x 14.9 mm
Weight76 g / 70 g79 g96 g
Band22 mm / Quickfit22 mm / Quickfit26 mm / Quickfit
Bluetooth / ANT+ / Wi-Fi / / / / / /
Storage16 GB / 32 GB32 GB32 GB

Compared to the Fenix 7 series, the Epix Gen 2 series doesn’t feature any solar models. However, there will be a standard and a sapphire titanium model.

Garmin Epix 2 with AMOLED touch display

Back in 2015, the Epix essentially offered the same features as the Garmin Fenix 3 which has been the premium model back then. So it comes as no surprise that the Epix 2 does also take its cues from the top model – the Fenix 7.

Comparing Epix 2 and Fenix 7, the main difference is the display technology used. While the Fenix 7 still uses a transflective MIP display, the Epix 2 features a 1.3-inch AMOLED display, which is similar to the display of the Venu 2 or Venu 2 Plus. The display has a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, which results in a pixel density of 350 PPI. It’ll be possible to enable an always-on mode but this will affect battery life.

Despite all the touch display’s advantages, Garmin additionally sticks to its classic 5-button design. There are simple reasons: The precision of touch displays suffers when either the display or the fingertips are wet. It doesn’t matter if the moisture comes from sweaty fingers, raindrops, or swimming pools. If you want to interact with the watch in these situations, using the five buttons still is the best choice.

Garmin has introduced a new setting withing a sports profile that enables or disables the touch screen.

Similarities to the Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix 2 are virtually based on the same device because apart from the display, both models offer the same features. The most noteworthy aspects of both Epix 2 and Fenix 7 are:

  • Elevate V4 – Optical sensor for measuring heart rate, heart rate variability and blood oxygen SpO2
  • Visual Race Forecast
  • Real-time Stamina
  • HIIT exercises
  • Map Manager
  • Settings / Sync of settings

More detailed information about these features can be found in the review of the Fenix 7.

If the watches are essentially the same model, it is also not surprising that they offer the same functions:

Garmin Epix 2Garmin Fenix 7
SpO2 / Pulse Ox++
VO2max / Fitness Age++
Respiratory rate++
Hydration monitoring++
Stress monitoring++
Sleep monitoring++
Garmin Pay (NFC payment)++
Golf maps++
Music storage / Plaback via Bluetooth++
Multi LED flashlight- (7X only)

ECG capabilities

Very few online retailers have published a product description for the Epix Gen 2 and Fenix 7 listing ECG capability. This is kind of a surprise because no information about an ECG sensor has been popped up before. Even though the competition has already implemented ECG sensors for some time, the Epix 2 having an ECG sensor would be big news.

Since Garmin has undertaken a clinical study to verify its ECG-related algorithms, the feature itself is not pulled out of thin air. With the official release it became clear that the feature was misinterpreted by some online shops. Neither the Epix Gen 2 nor the Fenix 7 are able to perform ECG scans.

Epix 2 battery life

Compared to the Fenix 7, the AMOLED display negatively affects the battery life by drawing way more energy. For providing a better overview, I have included the battery lifes of all Fenix 7 models:

Epix 2 (+ Gesture)7S (+ Solar)7 (+ Solar)7X (+ Solar)
GPS30 + 15 h37 + 9 h57 + 16 h89 + 32 h
All GNSS15 + 20 h26 + 4 h40 + 8 h63 + 14 h
All GNSS + Multiband15 + 5 h16 + 1 h24 + 2 h38 + 4 h
All GNSS + Music9 + 1 h7 h10 h16 h
Smartwatch Mode5 + 11 days11 + 3 days18 + 4 days28 + 9 days
Economy Mode0 + 21 days26 + 17 days40 + 34 days62 + 77 days

This results in the following gains or losses:

Fenix 7SEpix 2Fenix 7Fenix 7X
GPS- 11,9 %42 h+ 35,7 %+ 111,9 %
All GNSS + Multiband
All GNSS + Music
Smartwatch Mode- 31,3 %16 days+ 12,5 %+ 75 %
Economy Mode+ 23,8 %21 days+ 90,5 %+ 195,2 %

You can clearly see that the Epix 2 can only outperform the small Fenix 7S, while the Fenix 7 already offer considerably better battery life. Remember that these values consider the non-solar models only.

Nonetheless, the battery life is outstanding for a watch offering an AMOLED display.

Press renders

Garmin Epix Gen 2 (Source: Garmin)

Prices and Availability

The Epix 2 has been launched on January 18, 2022. These two models are available on release day:

PriceStainless SteelSapphire Titan
Epix 2$ 899.99$ 999.99

There are three color variants you may choose from:

Stainless SteelSapphire Titan
Silver / Slate+-
Silver / White-+
Slate / Black-+

The Epix Gen 2 is available on Garmin’s website and ships within a couple of days. Other customers report that they have been out of stock within hours after the launch. You can find the Epix Gen 2 on Amazon as well. Buying it there would help this site.

Garmin Epix 2
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  1. Branko Slivar Reply

    Will the Epix 2 also have an ECG option? There was a lot of talk about this possibility before the official announcement. And I’m also interested in how to accurately measure the heart rate and ECG on the wrist?

    1. Florian Reply

      Epix Gen 2 and Fenix 7 don’t offer ECG capabilities right now. Although Garmin triggered clinical studies in 2021 to have their ECG-related algorithms confirmed, no such functions are available on the devices.

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