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New Garmin Watches / Bike Computers in 2022

Two years ago I compiled the first list of Garmin products that were to be expected in 2020. The article began with “Corona is currently determining world affairs” – sad to see that this article could make reuse of the very same sentence.

2021 has been like a roller coaster in many aspects and so has been for global productions and logistics. Microprocessors, integrated circuits and chipsets are still rare and affect the wearable industry.

This may be the main reason for Garmin only having announced a couple of new smart and sports watches. 2022 will be different and there are several new products waiting to hit the shelves. The Garmin fenix 7 being among them.

Product FamilyDeviceCommentEstimated Release Date
Garmin fenix 7
fenix 7S Solar
fenix 7 Solar
fenix 7X Solar
fenix 7S Sapphire Solar
fenix 7 Sapphire Solar
fenix 7X Sapphire Solar
fenix 7X Sapphire Solar Titan
Released 18 January 2022Q1/2022
Garmin tactix 7
tactix 7
tactix 7 Pro
tactix 7 Pro Ballistics

Released 7 April 2022Q1/2022
Garmin Instinct 2
Instinct 2S
Instinct 2
Instinct 2S Solar
Instinct 2 Solar

(Camo, Surf, Tactical Edition)
Released 9 February 2022Q1/2022
Garmin vivomove Sport
vivomove Sport
Released 18 January 2022Q1/2022
Garmin Edge
Edge 540
Edge 540 Solar
Edge 840
Edge 840 Solar
Edge 1040
Edge 1040 Solar

Released 8 June 2022 (Edge 1040)H2/2022
Garmin Forerunner

The launch of the Forerunner 255 and Forerunner 955 is imminent.H2/2022
Garmin vivosmartYou may believe it or not, but Garmin is preparing the launch of the vivosmart 5. The vivosmart 4 has been release in September 2018.H2/2022

Kids LTE smartwatch (highly speculative)

  • Eight month ago someone on the Garmin forum asked if it’s possible to create a kids LTE watch (Link). I thought this would be very useful and a lot of parents are willing to pay the extra fee for an LTE subscription.
  • In late July ’21 a new product has been listed at the FCC, which makes use of LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ANT+ but didn’t support NFC / Garmin Pay. The lack of NFC being pretty unusal for a sophisticated smartwatch or sports watch. Rumors spread that the documents might relate to the fenix 7 – but you can bet there won’t be a fenix 7 without Garmin Pay. Therefore it must be another product.
  • To be honest, the product described fits a kids smartwatch very well. There hardly is any need for kids to use NFC, but there are tons of to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition the watch’s buttons are named A and B. B given in one of the documents. In my opinion this describes a rather simple kind of usage.
  • Last but not least, the wearable seems to have a rectangular screen, which resembles the vivoactive jr. 3.

As soon as there are new information I will add them here, so you are invited to come back later to check for any additions.

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