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Garmin Edge 1050 – Spotted in Retail Wilderness

Last week, I reported on the upcoming launch of the Garmin Edge 1050. In the meantime, an online retailer has listed it on their website for the first time.

Once again, Garmin made a small blunder that led to information about its new GPS bike computer, the Edge 1050, being found on the internet. Although Garmin’s Taiwanese website quickly removed the information, it wasn’t fast enough to prevent users from copying press renders of the Edge 1050.

Experience shows that once a product appears on the manufacturer’s website in one form or another, its launch is imminent. I initially had my eyes on weeks 25 and 26, and with week 25 now almost over, I continue to place my hopes on the coming week. Three aspects support this:

  • Appearance in Online Retail

    Apart from the Taiwanese website, online retailers are particularly careful not to leak information about upcoming products this time. However, given the large number of retailers, leaks are likely to occur — and they did…

    Garmin Edge 1050 listing | Screenshot:

    Garmin Edge 1050 listing | Screenshot:

    The Edge 1050 has been listed online for the first time at Tacoma Bike & Ski, although there is no additional information or images of the product. However, the shop does confirm the price I originally set at $699.99. Additionally, the label “Device Only” hints that the Edge 1050 will also be available in a bundle, likely for $799.99.

  • Start of the Tour de France (June 29)

    The Tour de France, one of the most important cycling events, starts on June 29. The media attention for cycling is likely to lead to greater public awareness. This is an ideal setting to introduce a high-end product.

  • Start of Eurobike (July 3)

    Shortly after, Eurobike will open its doors, providing another suitable venue to present the Edge 1050 to the public.

These are all clues but not a definitive date. Even if it doesn’t happen next week, the launch of the Edge 1050 remains imminent.

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