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Garmin Fenix 8 and Fenix E: Next-gen sports watches leaked online

The Fenix 8 appears to be Garmin’s next highlight for this year, following the release of the Edge 1050. While browsing the internet, I discovered that a Finnish online shop already lists the Fenix 8 in three different sizes. Surprisingly, the shop mentions that the Fenix 8 is expected as early as the beginning of September.

Garmin Fenix 8 listing | Source:

Garmin Fenix 8 listing | Source:

As I speculated at the beginning of 2024, it seems Garmin is indeed updating its major models. To remind you: The Fenix for years has been and still is one of Garmin’s high-end sports watches. Meanwhile, the Fenix has to share its place in the spotlight with the Epix series.

Fenix 8 / Epix 3 – Quo vadis?

With Fenix and Epix, there are currently two products that couldn’t be more similar aside from the display. This is not without problems, because on one hand, it has caused the “Fenix” brand to be cannibalized by the Epix series. On the other hand, many people are noting that the numerous similar products of both series have caused confusion. There is an interesting discussion on the5krunner’s website, which I would like to support from my side:

  • Garmin Epix (Gen 3) will become the new Fenix 8

    In recent years, Garmin has proven that AMOLED displays suit their sports watches quite well. However, for this field trial, a new name was required in order not to interfere with the Fenix – the Epix was reborn. By now, it is clear where AMOLED displays are heading: almost all of Garmin’s sports watches now feature these self-illuminating displays. Only the Fenix and Instinct series are yet to make the switch.

    Consider it a certainty that the Fenix 8 will also feature an AMOLED display.

    Update 2024-07-10: The Fenix 8 and Fenix E are now listed on Garmin’s Icelandic website. Although the website appears to be an authorized dealer, the inclusion of the term “AMOLED” in the product name suggests that this feature is likely confirmed by a semi-official source, especially since the Icelandic website is directly linked from

    Fenix 8 listing | Source:

    Fenix 8 listing | Source:

  • Garmin Fenix with MIP display will become the new Fenix E

    Knowing that many still favor excellent battery life and readability even in the brightest environments over hi-res AMOLED displays, Garmin is creating a new product variant, called the Fenix E. The Fenix E is expected to feature the transflective MIP display, allowing for significantly longer battery life compared to watches with AMOLED displays.

These points certainly contain some explosive potential, even though no product will be discontinued. The known products remain in essence, but they will each be found under a different name. Yes, this will cause some confusion initially, but in the long term, it will provide more clarity, allowing customers to choose between product variants rather than entirely different products.

To support these ideas: Information reached me quite some time ago that the Instinct 3 will also make the switch to AMOLED, while the existing approach of the power-saving MIP display will live on on an Instinct E / EL. It didn’t make much sense to me in the beginning, thus I never elaborated on it. Now with the Fenix E being seen on the horizon, things make much more sense.

Some thoughts on the release date

The following table gives an overview of the release dates of Fenix’s major releases. You don’t need to be a mathematician to realize that the release cycles are not regular but a new release every other 18 months or so seems to be a good indicator. With the Fenix 7 Pro being released in Q2’2023 a release by the in the second half of 2024 is not unlikely.

FenixQ3 / 2012
Fenix 2Q1 / 2014
Fenix 3Q1 / 2015
Fenix 5Q1 / 2017
Fenix 5 PlusQ2 / 2018
Fenix 6 / 6 ProQ3 / 2019
Fenix 7Q1 / 2022
Garmin Fenix - Release Dates

According to the online shop Megatronic, availability is expected between September 4th and 6th. Another Finnish retailer indicates availability on August 31, 2024. Since this seems to be a type of intermediary, the date in the first week of September may indeed be realistic for consumers.

To reflect on the availability from another perspective: the IFA 2024 in Berlin starts on September 6. The press days at the IFA are already scheduled for September 4 and 5. It wouldn’t be the first time Garmin has used the trade fair to present new models and showcase them to the general public at the exhibition stand. We may even see an official release a week before.

Some thoughts about the prices

The price structure is likely to be aligned with the existing models, as always. Except, this time the Fenix 8 aligns with the prices of the Epix Gen 2, while the Fenix E aligns with the prices of the Fenix 7.

Fenix 8010-0290343 mm999.99 - 1199.99999.99 - 1099.99869.99 - 1039.99
Fenix 8010-0290447 mm999.99 - 1299.99999.99 - 1099.99869.99 - 1119.99
Fenix 8010-0290551 mm1099.99 - 1299.991099.99 - 1199.99949.99 - 1119.99
Fenix E010-0302547 mm799.99799.99689.99
Garmin Fenix 8 - Estimated Prices

Keep in mind that there may be changes prior to the release. The prices show the range starting with the more basic materials, i.e. silicon straps.

Verglichen mit den aktuellen Preisen der Fenix 7 bzw. Fenix 7 Pro sind die Abstände zur Fenix 8 recht groß. Ungeachtet der neuen Features und des AMOLED-Display der Fenix 8, wird das Vorgängermodell weiterhin außerordentlich attraktiv bleiben. Bereits jetzt befinden sich die Modelle mit großen Preisnachlässen im Abverkauf.

Garmin fenix 7
Deal Price: $439.00
Garmin fenix 7 Pro
Deal Price: $548.99
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I will update the page later today. Here you will also find the latest information about the release of the Fenix 8 in the coming weeks. So feel free to check back or follow me on X / Twitter.

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