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Garmin HRM-Fit – Premium heart rate monitor designed for women

Garmin has unveiled the HRM-Fit, a heart rate monitor specifically designed for women, which is attached to sports bras using clips.

Despite continuous improvements in optical PPG sensors for heart rate measurement, HR chest straps remain the gold standard in terms of accuracy. It’s particularly frustrating when only comfort stands between using an HR chest strap and opting for sensors in fitness trackers and sports watches. Garmin seems to have recognized this dilemma and developed the HRM-Fit, a heart rate chest strap specifically tailored to women’s anatomy.

Garmin HRM-Fit | Source: Garmin

Garmin HRM-Fit | Source: Garmin

HR chest strap specifically for women

The HRM-Fit is a chest strap for heart rate monitoring designed to accommodate the anatomy of women, providing a significantly better fit and comfort than traditional chest straps with their loop design. To achieve this, the HRM-Fit chest strap measures 33.5 cm in length, significantly shorter than traditional straps, and eschews the loop, instead offering three clips for attaching the sensor to the lower edge of a sports bra.

In terms of functionality, the HRM-Fit closely resembles the top-of-the-line HRM-Pro Plus model. In addition to heart rate, the HRM-Fit also transmits metrics categorized by Garmin under the name “Running Dynamics,” including:

  • Vertical oscillation
  • Stride length
  • Ground contact time
Garmin HRM-Fit | Source: Garmin

Garmin HRM-Fit | Source: Garmin

Additionally, the HRM-Fit offers:

  • 1-year battery life
  • Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Water resistance up to 15 meters
  • Tool-free battery replacement

Price and availability

At €159.99, the HRM-Fit currently stands as the most expensive model among Garmin’s HR chest straps. The HRM-Pro Plus is already available for an MSRP of €129.99. However, the chest strap is currently priced at just under €80 in stores.

Garmin HRM-Fit
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