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Garmin Lily 2 and HRM-Fit – New wearables incoming

The year is coming to an end, and although Garmin has released numerous products in 2023, new products for 2024 are already on the horizon. One of the first products is likely to be the Lily 2, a stylish lifestyle watch. Additionally, the new heart rate sensor “HRM-Fit” also appears to be ready to launch.

For years, the US regulatory authority FCC has provided the first information about new products. Now, however, it is Garmin itself that is inadvertently disclosing new products.

This time, two upcoming products caught my attention while browsing the support section of the Spanish Garmin website: the Garmin Lily 2 and the heart rate monitor HRM-Fit.

  • Garmin Lily 2 – Stylish Lifestyle Watch

    The listing of the Lily 2 in the support section is not entirely surprising, considering that the first generation was introduced in January 2021. This was particularly welcomed by female users seeking a sporty smartwatch that didn’t look like the Forerunner 255 or Venu 2.

    Screenshot from Garmin (Source:

    Screenshot from Garmin (Source:

    Garmin is wise to cater to this target audience this time, especially after exploring almost every other segment last year.

    While there isn’t much information available about the Lily 2, it is likely to align with the features of the vivoactive 5. Of course, this is within the capabilities of the Lily 2’s hidden AMOLED display, as Garmin is likely to stick to the concept of concealing the display behind the watch face.

    The available information does provide insights into the color and strap options. The Lily 2 is expected to be released in the following variants:

    Garmin Lily 2 - Sport EditionSiliconCrema Oro / Coco
    Garmin Lily 2 - Sport EditionSiliconLila
    Garmin Lily 2 - Classic EditionNylonBrown
    Garmin Lily 2 - Classic EditionNylonGray
    Garmin Lily 2 - Classic EditionLeatherBeige / Gold
    Garmin Lily 2 - Classic EditionLeatherBlack / Blue

    Once again, the Classic variant is likely to feature a higher-quality leather strap, while the more affordable Sport variant (at least that’s what it was called for the first-generation Lily) may come with a silicone strap.

    As for the prices, it’s a bit speculative, but here are my guesses based on the current pricing and price levels with regard to different materials used:

    ModelBandEstimated Price
    Garmin Lily 2 - Sport EditionSilicon$250
    Garmin Lily 2 - Classic EditionNylon$280
    Garmin Lily 2 - Classic EditionLeather$300

    Update: Online retailer “The Watch Hut” has already published a product page depicting a price of £249. As the page doesn’t offer any additional information and likely will be taken offline again, I refrain from linking it here.

  • Garmin HRM-Fit – Mysterious Heart Rate Monitor

    The heart rate monitor “HRM-Fit” is the bigger mystery of the two products, though first intel has been surfaced in August 2023. Garmin already offers a variety of HR straps, including HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, HRM-Pro, and HRM-Pro Plus, catering to different needs. There seems to be little room for a new model, especially since the potential for new HRM features appears more limited compared to sports watches.

    Screenshot from Garmin (Source:

    Screenshot from Garmin (Source:

    Rumors suggest that the HRM-Fit might be an optical heart rate monitor designed to be worn on the upper arm, similar to the Polar Verity Sense, Scosche RHYTHM+, or Wahoo TICKR Fit, utilizing optical PPG sensors for measurement.

    What raises some concerns is the high repair price listed by Garmin Spain, which is around €76. This might indicate a relatively high purchase price, even though the name “HRM-Fit” sounds less premium compared to the €129 HRM-Pro Plus. It remains to be seen what Garmin has in store for fitness enthusiasts.

    Unfortunately, there is no additional information beyond the name and the (semi-)official mention by Garmin at this point.

Admittedly, there isn’t much information, expect for some support listings and a retailer publishing an early placeholder page. Anyway, it does show that there are new products incoming. If the Garmin Lily 2 and/or the Garmin HRM-Fit were to be released later this year, it would surprise me. I expect the new products more likely in Q1/2024.

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