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Garmin Venu 2 – Bigger display, storage and battery

The Venu 2 is going to be Garmin’s second generation AMOLED smartwatch and it’s going to be launched soon. It will hit the shelves in two different sizes and will features a superior battery life, bigger storage, new widgets and improved sleep tracking.

In 2019 Garmin introduced the Venu – a new fitness smartwatch similar to the vivoactive 4 but with a colorful and crisp AMOLED display. Although first rumors scattered in 2019, new information suggest that the official launch may be late this month.

Garmin Venu 2 (Source: Amazon)

Garmin Venu 2 (Source: Amazon)

When EMVCo published new approval documents in mid-March, it became clear that the Venu 2’s release is near. But it’s not only the Venu 2 that has been approved by EMVCo but the Forerunner 945 LTE and the diving watch Descent MK2s.

Recently listed the new product revealing some of the features the Venu 2 is going to sport. But remember: As long as there is not official press release, all information should be considered wild guesswork.

Bigger display and bigger battery life

The first verified fact concerns the Venu 2 screen size, which will come in two fashions. The smaller Venu 2S has a 1.2″ AMOLED display, while the bigger Venu 2 offers a 1.3″ display. Compared to the 1.2″ uniformly sized first-generation Venu, this is an improvement.

 VenuVenu 2SVenu 2
Display Size1,2"1,2"1,3"
Resolution390 x 390390 x 390n/a
Pixel Density325 PPI325 PPIn/a

But it’s not only the screen size Garmin has been worked on as the battery life is supposed to be twice as long as the predecessor’s one.

 VenuVenu 2SVenu 2
Smartwatch Mode5 days10 days11 days
GPS + Music6 hours7 hours8 hours

While the Venu lasts up to 5 days in smartwatch mode and up to 6 hours recording with GPS and playing music at the same time, the Venu 2’s battery will deliver as much power as to run the Venu 2 up to 10-11 days in smartwatch mode. Though it is not clear if the Venu 2 has a bigger battery or if it’s consuming less power. The new rapid recharge technology allows for having the watch back on your wrist in a timely manner.

Bigger music storage

Many of Garmin’s more complex (and more expensive) watches offer the playback of music using bluetooth headphone or speakers. The storage size depends on the product and reaches from 4 GB up to 32 GB.

Usually it’s not the whole storage that can be used to media files as some sports watches use the internal memory for maps data. However smaller models offer enough storage to save up to 500 songs while the Fenix 6 Pro can save up to 2,000 songs.

 VenuVenu 2FR 245 MusicFR 945Fenix 6 Pro
Storage4 GBn/a4 GB16 GB32 GB
Music Storageup to 500 songsup to 750 songsup to 500 songsup to 1,000 songsup to 2,000 songs
Spotify - Offline+++++
Amazon Music - Offline+++++
Deezer - Offline+++++

The Venu 2 can store up to 750 songs. Thanks to Connect IQ all sports watches with music storage allow for downloading offline-playlists from the most relevant music streaming platforms.

New widgets and features

Garmin introduces two new widgets with the Venu 2:

  • Fitness Age Widget
  • Health Snapshot Widget

While the fitness age widget most likely implements Garmin Connect’s fitness age metric on the watch itself, the health snapshot widget allows for sharing vitals with doctors or coaches. This should ease sharing information when you see a functional medicine practitioner or if you are on a medical weight management plan.

Some information indicate that there are new function for HIIT, hiking and bouldering though detailed information are missing. The same accounts for improved sleep tracking metrics that the Venu 2 is going to offer.

Prices and Availability

It is rumored that the Venu 2 will be available starting April 22. Both models will be $399.99 USD which is a $50 USD surcharge compared to the current Venu. Concerning the wristbands and housing Garmin most likely will stick to colors that are already known from other products:

Venu 2S:

BezelCase / BandAmazon Link
SilverLight GrayAmazon
Light GoldTanAmazon
Rose GoldWhiteAmazon

Venu 2:

BezelCase / BandAmazon Link
SilverGranite BlueAmazon

The Venu 2 has been published on Amazon but was taken offline again just a day after. Expect them to be online again after the official release.


  • 13/04/2021 – Added color variants / rapid recharging
  • 11/04/2021 – Added online shops

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